What Does It Mean To Create?

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Creation is at the essence of existence.

It is what allows us to be us, it is the basis that holds us together, it is in the soil we walk on and in the air we breath. Creation is what keeps us moving forward. Giving us the next thing to focus on. It is what fulfills us by lighing the path that we are walking, bringing forth the things we desire and all those here to teach us a lesson… It is in these moments of creating that we feel alive, connected and guided. Flowing with the vibration that surrounds us, the one that is ALWAYS there…

But that’s that you say?

Can’t find it? Well it is always near, although you won’t find it with your eyes, you wont find it with your ears, you won’t even find it with your smell… For it is within that you will find the key. See it is the space between the noise, it is the quite voice inside. The one that says love me, for we are near and trust me as together it will all work out.

For when you follow it.

You follow your journey here. The one that you planned out before you arrived. See it is not all happening unplanned. It is infact all working out as planned, to your plan infact. And with it, it’s all that creation you seek… Tonight as the New Moon rises, shining ever so bright in the sky, flow inward into the space between the noise and let is guide you on the path of light to the life of your dreams…        

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