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Girls…. Your Selfie Is Hurting You!

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Your selfie might look good, but it’s NOT good…

You know the one that has the top down angle, playful glimmer in her eye, cheeky smile and just the right amount of boob to not be called something inappropriate by her girl friends… It gets the likes, it gives her that dopamine rush she’s looking for, it has her feel good about herself in that moment. BUT!!!! It’s doing her more harm than good and here’s why. The flip side of this selfie mania world is that any ‘normal’ photo this girl has taken of her, she HATES! She doesn’t like the way she looks or the facial expression, the position of her hair or what ever the excuse. It all results in the photo being taken 1000 times to MAYBE find 1 image she agree’s is O K… That’s only based on the fact her friends are getting frustrated at her. SO, why does all this matter? It’s actually simple, it screams lack of self acceptance. The selfie is on point, you only get to she what she wants the world to see but any other angle shows it all… Maybe she’s a little over weight, an unusual body shape or has a slight disability. No matter what it is I want to invite you to EMBRACE IT ALL! You ARE perfect the way you are! Allow yourself to be seen, through allowing it you will gain a new level of strength, happiness and freedom! That said if you resonate with this and you’re struggling with it then lets get on a call and have a chat. I understand the sensitivity element of some of this so I ensure you the conversation space is a safe, judgement free environment. -> Click Here To Schedule Your Free Clarity Call #LifeWithOptions #PathToSelfMastery #ReclaimYourPower

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